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By connecting incarcerated people with support networks, we cut recidivism and sustainably reduce prison populations. Ameelio’s ecosystem of products helps everyone — from families to corrections officials to service providers — empowering successful reentry from day one.

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Claudia P review
Claudia P
This app is a BLESSING! To be able to stay in touch with your loved ones and not worry about running out of stamps or amazing honestly. I've sent out a couple letters using this app & the person has received them without any problems. I was surprised that they actually sent out my letters! I love the tracker that way I know when it got to the facility. No complaints.
Mr. and Mrs. Done review
Mr. and Mrs. Done
Hands down the absolute best app for keeping in touch with incarcerated loved ones! Easy to use, totally free service that keeps you connected to the ones you cant be with. Even if you decide to make a purchase, which is not at all required to use the basic services, the options are definitely affordable and benefit everyone. I'm so thankful for this app!!
Janet James review
Janet James
This app is great if you have a loved on in jail, there is many fun activities sheet, coloring pages & more. I love using this app, I can just pull out my phone & write a letter or post card from my phone instead of writing it out by hand. I like this app
Kelsey Range review
Kelsey Range
I LOVE this app and when I was in Loudon Co jail, I told all my fellow inmates abt it. It was awesome seeing pple tht dont normally get mail start to get mail bc of the ameelio app. It truly makes a huge difference in your day behind bars when you get mail and it boosts your confidence knowing the world may keep on spinning without you but that there is at least someone tht notices your absence and misses you. I HIGHLY recommend this app for your incarcerated loved ones
Emmett Burns review
Emmett Burns
This app is fantastic. It allows me to communicate with an incarcerated loved one so effectively and the customer support has been great the one time I needed it. This takes away my inability to get to buy stamps and mail things on my own. All of the new options for photo cards and other things are great too. I love this app so much, thank you
Melissa Harper Gonzalez review
Melissa Harper Gonzalez
This is so awesome im able to send pictures and a message on a post card to my friend who is in prison for free 3 or more times a week! This is amazing! I couldn't ask for anything better than this! I'm so grateful for this app! It really helps me & my family out a lot! Thank you Ameelio!
jack rap review
jack rap
I love the mission of this company. Its so easy just like sending an email. I just type the letter the do the rest print, postage, and send it off. I never even thought of sending games and so much more.
katheryne owen review
katheryne owen
Love this app! Easy to use and extremely helpful to get photo cards sent to your loved one. Most jails changed their letter policy and inmates can only get postcards but this app lets me send photos in the form of a postcard so its perfect!
Robin Kennedy review
Robin Kennedy
Definitely can't complain or go wrong by using this app. Excellent app, highly suggest. Everything is fairly easy to use and self explanatory. Post cards looked excellent and just as described.
Jae Breezie review
Jae Breezie
I absolutely love this app I as a former inmate know just how important mail is it's the best feeling when they slide that mail under your door lets you know people didn't forget about you this app makes it so much easier for me cuz I hate writing that's all I did when I was locked up so this is way better I appreciate you guys whomever made this god bless you and I being a former inmate as I said I would personally like too thank you on behalf of all the women at York Corrections here in CT❤️
Lisa Bukowski review
Lisa Bukowski
Ameelio is a wonderful app that is truly beneficial to anyone who has a LO incarcerated. You can send photo cards, letters, activity booklets, prison recipes and more for free. I wouldn't think to find and send recipes that he could actually make while incarcerated and they have recipe booklets all ready you just need to choose them, they have self help booklets, parenting from prison etc, things that are truly helpful to the people that recieve them and I'm so grateful to have found this app.
Cherri Sweet review
Cherri Sweet
THIS APP!! TRULY AMAZING! They help you send photos, letters and so much more, piece of mind actually, to your loved 9nes. And families help others pay so lots are sent "free" to the user and incarcerated loved one! I love love love this app! Way better than flikshop .... Ty Ameelio
JK review
This app helps me out tremendously, especially when your low on cash, I appreciate these guys so much for sending out free mail, even with a pic! I have recommended it to several people. THANK YALL AMEELIO
Mary Ann Bensley review
Mary Ann Bensley
I love this app! My boyfriend is in prison and instead of worrying about stamps and envelopes I just have to use this app. I can send him pics and song lyrics and letters that he loves getting! Thank you so much ameelio!
jovannah bedford review
jovannah bedford
This app is awesome! I've never experienced at a problem using the ameelio app! My loved one received all letters including photos! This is a awesome to keep in touch with your loved ones!
Sheena Love review
Sheena Love
It's amazing sending all my favorite inmates postcard with photos straight from my phone ! It helps me keep in touch and show them I care for free and easily ! Thank you so much for this app!!! I'd rate it 10 stars if I could !!!
Jaclyn Marie review
Jaclyn Marie
This app is heaven sent. It's incredible fir inmates and their loved ones. Making it easier to stay connected to your loved one. You Rock, Ameelio!!
Cassie Spanke review
Cassie Spanke
Extremely easy to use and soooo helpful. My loved one says the picture quality is amazing and loves receiving the post cards.
Billee Oxendine review
Billee Oxendine
I never leave reviews but I really do love Amelio. I send FREE postcards regularly and it helps me do something for my loved on on the spot in the moment and takes as little or as long as I want it to. It's great.
Thank you. New restrictions to mail going to Utah DOC inmates have been awful. This is the only way for my husband to get a creative and colorful card or letter. Best app and best program ever. Thank you.
Christen Waddle review
Christen Waddle
I think this is absolutely outstanding to offer this type of service. This app surpassed my every possible expectation!
Terri McGillivray review
Terri McGillivray
This is the most amazing app I have ever used. I am blessed to have a service like this when I can't afford to mail my son a letter plus they send pics with ur letter. Thank u Ameelio
Catie Brewer review
Catie Brewer
I absolutely love this app. It helps me stay in contact with my family and friends who are in state and federal prison. This is very much a blessing to be able to do this.
Randy Perez review
Randy Perez
My experience has been exceptional especially because now that things have changed out here with covid 19 and all it has been hard to come up with the necessary monies to keep in touch with our loved ones Thank you so much for making this possible
Debby Gage review
Debby Gage
My Son was told about this app by someone. Its amazing. He gets so excited to rec these post cards. And they are excellent quality. Extremely happy with Ameelio
Jessica Maddox review
Jessica Maddox
I love this app. My partner loves the cards I have sent her. They arrived on time and love that it's free to do
Wanda Lopez review
Wanda Lopez
I love this app. It's so appreciated. Thank you so much! My brother really enjoys seeing the family & our animals.
Andrea Seagrave review
Andrea Seagrave
Amazing!! This organization helps keeps us in touch with our loved ones and the free picture postcards are an amazing gift for the family and the inmate. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars.
Alisha Smith review
Alisha Smith
It's easy to use and you can send it right through your phone. I have been very satisfied with the app. I highly recommend
Danielle Davidson review
Danielle Davidson
This app is AMAZING!!! The crew deserves EVERY donation and recognition they can get. Keep it up guys. There's a lot of people out there that needs something like this. YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT!!
Marci Rowan review
Marci Rowan
Overall the best app I've ever downloaded. This is an app that is very important to so many. I appreciate it way more than I could ever express.
Alley Spain review
Alley Spain
I love Ameelio and have used it to send quite a few postcards to my loved ones that are incarcerated. They even track the postcards all the way to the facility to ensure your person receives it. 5+++ stars!!
Danette Critser review
Danette Critser
Alison Briggs review
Alison Briggs
Thanks to this app Ive been able to reconnect with my loved one. Thank you
Braylyn Beavers review
Braylyn Beavers
Love it. Its the best app for having when your loved one's are locked up
Heather Tate review
Heather Tate
Rebecca Peltier review
Rebecca Peltier
Amaizing and thank you so much. I would have never been able to get and stay in touch with my loved lones. Ameelio your the best app ive ever downloaded. Thank you
Jahu J review
Jahu J
This is the BESSSSST app ever they are very timely and these cards have truly blessed my loved one and has kept us connected through this hard separation. Thank you Ammelio staff for being passionate and caring about families staying connected!!! God bless you all!
siara hafner review
siara hafner
My boyfriend showed me to this App and he is locked up. Sometimes you just hit hard times and this gives you that little extra help to stay connected to your loved one. They give you so many options to do different things it is just amazing. I'm still figuring it all out, I love this App so much and everything it stands for. Such a blessing, thank you!
Bobbi Tompkins review
Bobbi Tompkins
Wonderful app! I cannot express how thankful I am to have the ability to send personalized cards, letters, etc. to my husband and at no cost! Forever grateful to the developer of the Amelio app and the individuals who provide this service.

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